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Whenever i end up talking to or texting my fuck buddy first, I always feel like I lost. Like this is a game and he now has the upper hand and can manipulate me since I was weak and had to talk to him. I feel stronger when I don’t talk to him…

I feel like a mermaid

That awkward moment when you send some a nude picture of yourself saying how you want to fuck them and they read it and don’t respond

i’m so high that i just tried to blow out my light, as if it were a candle.

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Being an adult is so disenchanting sometimes.  I have my own place and i can do whatever i want and be whoever i want and style myself however i want, except that i can’t afford it and i don’t have time for it because i’m working to survive so that i can work so i can survive so i can work.  That’s a silly life and i need to figure something out.

Six Word Story - c.b (deadly—sins)

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i had sex with someone else

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Running on The Default Network
by Boyce